In 2017 Epic Tales Media acquires the information’s web about videogames, TV series and other entertainment content A web page on which we continue working to turn it into a benchmark in the sector.

Monsterjuegos website is aimed to the Spanish-speaking public. And its differs from other similar websites because it places special importance on the content produced by the amateur community in this sector. We want monsterjuegos to be a place where videogames lovers, TV series, comics … can find all kinds of useful information for their hobbies and in a different way than usual.

For this, monsterjuegos has several useful sections for users. It has its own agenda where anyone can publisher the event that organize, section guides and tricks for video games selected from various video channels on YouTube, Daylimotion, Twitch …

Recommendations section. Monsterjuegos recommends youtube channels or other websites, provided useful and interesting content for its readers.

Indie video game section. With the intention to support new video games creators, in monsterjuegos we have an own section dedicated to them. Where if you have a small video game company or you are a creator, you can send us your information so we can talk about your game. To do so you must meet these requirements:

  • Your video game have to be finished or to be in the finalization phase
  • Have Press Kit


For we have created a community and a cryptocurrency of our own. Web users can benefit from visiting the website and adding points. These points can be exchanged by the MONSTER Token and this in turn can be used in various ways.

  • The Token can be exchanged for USD or EUR in addition to the usual cryptocurrency.
  • The Token allows to buy advertising services in with interesting discounts.
  • In addition, will open new markets. It will look for and create agreements with other companies in the entertainment sector to give a wider use to its crypto currency.
  • The token can be purchased with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and any other cryptocurrency of use in

You can visit de website here: