Pre-sale Questions
Work is our favorite four letter word. It’s also what defines us as a user-centered .


What services do you provide?

We design websites for companies, mobile phone applications for any type of business, online shops or platforms tailored to your project, videomarketing, SEO… We love our work and we look for the best solutions to get your business off the ground.
In addition, we specialize in WordPress and offer a specialized maintenance service, so that you or your team only have to worry about creating content or promoting your products.

I have a new project in mind. Can you give me a quote?

Just contact us via email here, and give us as much information as possible about your project. A member of our team will contact you and provide you with as much information as possible.

Can video marketing help my business?

Of course. Any type of business can be promoted through video campaigns. We take care of everything, produce and edit the videos, and promote it through the perfect online advertising campaign.

How can I get a copy of my payment receipt?

No problem. Once you are our customer we will provide you with everything you need. Need a copy of your bill? Just ask us for it

My business is not in the same country as you. Can we work together too?

Of course, today we work for more than 500 customers worldwide. Borders are no longer a problem!

What services do you provide?

We take care of the maintenance of your wordpress site. We improve the security of your website and the SEO on page, we optimize loading times, create backups… in short, we do everything necessary to ensure that your website always works perfectly and you forget the technical part.

Will you also create content for my website?

No, you’ll take care of this part. We only take care of the tedious part.

What are the differences between the membership plans?

The more complex a website is, the more hours of maintenance work it needs. Our plans are designed for the 3 most common situations we encounter. If you need a tailor-made service do not hesitate to ask us.

I have Unlicensed Upgrades

If you have not purchased the plugin licenses and themes from your website, we will not update them and will not be responsible for their failure.

Can I cancel the service at any time?

If you have made the annual payment, the service cannot be cancelled during that year after the 30 day guarantee period.

However, if you use the Sherpa Support monthly service, you can cancel it as long as you give 1 week notice before the end of the month.

Wordpress Maintenance
Stop stressing and wasting time because of WordPress technical problems. You focus on growing your business. Everything else, we'll take care of it.


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